Sunday, May 16, 2004
blah, bad day

So today isn't a great day. It's raining, and i was cleaning. And my dad left for Washington yesterday. He wont be back for two weeks!! I also tried out for the dance team, which went pretty bad, so i dont have my hopes up. And a lot of other things are goin on, AND i am stuck here with the step mom. some1 please help me PLEASE!!!! oh man. Then theres a really mean doggy at my house that the step mom LOVES. hey, they r a good match dont u think? I AM SO BORED!!!!! EVERYONE always cancels on me.............okay, no, just erica. but anyways, i am out, have a happy rainy saturday.


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Thursday, May 06, 2004
love Means..........

American Lit: We watched Huckleberry Finn. The old one, which wasn't very interesting, but i stayed up and watched it anyways.

Gym: Started a new I like it, it was better than self defense.

Biology: We took a quiz on gregor mindle, and genetics took me the whole entire period.

Choir: sung songs that i LOVED

Lunch: ate OF COURSE!! and blah blah talked the same old stuff.

history: A guy named aaron played his instrument for the class, he got accepted to JulieArt which is flippin AWESOME!!! i am happy for him.

that was my school day.

Came home, Kim took me, and Erica, u would leave me no matter what i know u, BITCH!!! and i miss amber :(

And i really really love this: love means...
a girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on the road...
Girl: Slow down. Im scared.
Guy: No this is fun.
Girl: No its not. Please, its 2 scary!
Guy: Then tell me u love me.
Girl: Fine, I love u. Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
*Girl hugs him*
Guy: Can u take my helmet off &put it on? Its buggin me.
In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a
building because of break failure. 2 ppl were on it but only 1
The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realizd that
his breaks broke, but he didn't want 2 let the girl know. Instead,
he had her say she loved him &felt her hug 1 last time, then had
her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant
that he would die

its really really SAD!!


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Friday, April 30, 2004

Well, today wasn't the greatest of days. Let me tell u about my day.
A/M lit: Started something on huckleberry fin...........not too exciting. Guys are so i don't even know man. But anyways, i was sitting right in front of this guy, and he was like, i love spring, and then he started singing the i love short shorts, how typical.
Gym: We didn't sit on our butts the whole entire period, just more than half.....................the teacher talks FOREVER!!!! We did some self defense moves, heres one i learned..............GRAB TWIST AND PULL!!!! lol cept i already knew that one, that was just the one mrs. Carr told us to do.
Biology: watched a video and did a work sheet with it, i actually paid attention tho because it was pretty interesting.
Choir: We had to take a quiz then i went to lunch and kim looked like she was in a bad mood because she blew up at kaitlin for some reason???? not sure why.
Lunch: More blowing up. Whitney decided she would blow up at me for something i didnt do or cant control. She was mad at everyone assuming that when she is absent from school, shes with shawn. its not our fault, she brought that on herself. She spends so much time with him and never makes time for her friends. and then she talks about how she fucked him and all this gross shit. and i really dont wanna here her talk about it, wait, no one does. Oh yea, and she talks about how bad all these other girls want him............HES NOT EVEN THAT CUET! but anyways, she started going off on me about how bad she hated our table, and all this other crap. I really didnt listen i was trying to zone her out. When she was in the middle of yelling at me, i just got up and left because i am not taking that shit from her, if she wants to act like that, let her, but i wont take it. There was way more too it about why she is mad, but i really dont feel like typing it out.  
well, that was my day, fun stuff.......................NOT. I was having a good day too, untill ppl started getting in to bitching moods. OH YEAH.............IM MARRIED FOR BIOLOGY!! and i have a kid lol. well, not anymore, we r almost done with genetics. well im out lyl

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
scary driving

American lit: umm nothin fun i just looked up stuff for my poetry project...............we have to read aloud a poem that WE wrote...........oh man, thats scary, I dont wanna read something to the class i wrote, plus i am a horrible poem writer so thats even worse.
Gym: We did self defense and the girls had to partner up with a guy. but guess who was the victim when we did it..............oh yes, the girls. and the guy i partnered up with was all soft and easy on me, im like oh man, i may be a girl but i am not a whimp. WELL not a complete whimp .
Biology: Had miss Manleys class come over to ours and watch this gene movie and we had to do a worksheet on it. i saw Jennifer who i dont have 3rd period with anymore :( she was my bio buddy.Now i am stuck with Whitney.................JK.
Choir:ummm skipped choir and ate lunch
CHoir: Had choir again went to that, sang blah blah

and then i went shopping with dear emily lease and erica and got a new pair of flip flops. pink ones!!!! :) yes that makes me happy. Oh and my exciting adventure doesnt end there, oh no, while we were in a turn lane,  which emily didnt know u could only turn, she thought u could go straight, didnt turn, and i was like OMG!! and then at the last minute she turned and we slid off the road almost. yeah, so this whole time we were sliding dear emily is LAUGHING!! yes i said LAUGHING!! while erica and I were holding on for our lives!!! emily was laughing lol. when it was actually over, i laughed too. but still that was some scary shit.

and then erica (a different erica) gave me these awsome words that really make me happy and i really needed them.

SimplePln92: u r beutiful......women are created to show the lovelyness of god. dont hide it. you may not think of urself as pretty or w/e..........but u r.......he will see u have confidence in urself if u have confidence in who u r throught christ.......guys like that and u will get wut u want!!! trust is the right way to go! I LOVE U!!
SimplePln92: is wut she told me
SimplePln92: a big long spertial thing
SimplePln92: ****he is the way, the truth, and the light!!***
oh how i love my friends, they always make me feel so much better when ive had a bad day. well happy morning lyl im out

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Thursday, April 22, 2004
my wonderful day of so much fun

This morning i woke up with a tummy ache :( and a headache, but i still went to school cause im a strong playa lol. My day was normal. Nothing exciting happend. But we did have to present our projects today in 3rd period. I didnt have to go today cause whitney whos absent is my partner. I do have to go tomarrow with or without her. I hate getting up in front of the class. Lunch was normal, and then i went to my most favoritest period every..............womens choir. I love all of our songs we are working on, its great. and that was my day. lyl

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Monday, April 19, 2004
great weekend

I had an awsome weekend, thanks to emily and kaitlin. Friday I went to see a movie with kaitlin, ella enchanted, BAD MOVIE!! let me tell u, it was so horrible. I went shopping saturday and got some really raelly cute clothes, then i hung out with emily and we saw the prince and me..................sooooo good. i love that movie, plus the guy who plays the prince, is hott, wait, thats why i went to see the movie, lol. But it was a really good movie. then we picked up kaitlin and stayed out till 11 ish. And for some reason we passed graters a million and a half times........hmm.............wonder why? Well, anyways, i had a fun weekend with my bestest friends. and today i went driving opn the freeway........which i dont do very often cause im a chicken, but my dad made me or he wasnt gonna let me drive anymore. and now im listening to that song. k well im gonna talk to ppl ttyl lyl

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Friday, April 16, 2004
fun day

I had an awsome day. I went to school, which was boring but it always is. Then i went to Kims house for movie night, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.  especially the driving, lol. when ur 16, thats the best thing to do. And we played in the grass like little 6 year olds, but it was so much fun, Kaitwin left early :(. and i wanna thank u for that BEUTIFUL entry bout me!! lol, i love u so very much. AND tmr i am wearing a skirt cause its gonna be WARM!!! well im out

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

hehe, how i love to say that. yes yes i do i do i do ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. oh and..............................................lunch was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!! kaitlin makes it great. lol. SAUCY!!!!!! oh man, i really needed that nice laugh, thanks kaitlin. oh man, and emily, u couldnt stop!! WHICH MADE ME LAUGH HARDER!! lol oh how i love my wonderful friends.i miss florida, lala, yes i much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?  yes i am very bored. and conners ass smells lol. ewwww anyways im out ttyl lyl 

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

eww this morning i had to square dance in gym!! it was horrible. i hate square dancing. i watched a movie in like every class...............that was pretty awsome. and this is to mle!! (eww i am not getting one of those till i am all stretched out!) ahhh omg i luv our lunch table, and ur book lol, i luv the book. Make more n more n more, lol. its so freakin awsome. and my little sister borrowed my pants without asking, AND cut them at the bottom, shes gonna get in so much trouble........hehe. okay i am done. lyl

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

today was sooooo boring. kaitlin didnt wanna go sledding..................damn bitch.....................JK!! i love u kaitlin. ha snow day, yes i got to sleep in. that was awsome, i slept in till 10. i drove yesterday. I drove my stick shift!! i was so proud of myself!!!! i moved from the parking lot to the road. happy times. i cant wait to drive my car again. I really wish it was an automatic tho. those r way easier than sticks, but i'll live. anyways that was my day. lyl

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